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Transatlantic Ships Fire Truck to Germany

Thorsten Rangnick, the Branch Manager of G7N member Transatlantic North America, received a message from a friend asking if Transatlantic could handle the transatlantic shipment of a fire truck from Aberdeen, New Jersey in the USA to Hamburg, Germany. The fire truck was a 1991 Saulsbury Simon-Duplex Pumper fire truck stationed in Aberdeen, NJ.

g7n member firetruck shipment transatlantic

Needless to say Thorsten and the rest of his team were excited to be handling such a shipment. The fire truck was delivered to the Port Newark Auto Terminal where it was positioned for shipment to Hamburg. Currently it is en route to its destination and proud new owners.

The fire truck is scheduled to arrive soon and in just a week or two the firetruck will be at its new home with its new owners.

g7n logistics networks shipment transatlantic

2nd Annual G7 Logistics Networks After Movie

Earlier this month we released the after movie of the 2nd Annual G7 Logistics Networks Conference. As of today we’ve reached essentially a double views to attendees ratio! If you’re a G7N member, remember to share the video with your friends.

Some members wanted a longer video. The amount of footage and the attention span of a viewer can be a tough balancing act. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make some additional follow on video.

Upload Cargo Proudly Handles “The Last 3” White Rhino Conservation Statue

In the morning on Friday 16, March a new bronze statue was erected in downtown New York City. G7 Logistics Networks member Upload Cargo handled the movement of the very special statue of the last 3 Northern White Rhinoceros to its current display position in Astor Place.

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