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Delicate Floral Movement From Thailand to the Middle East by Atlas Lines Co., Ltd

Atlas Lines Co., Ltd, a Thailand member of G7 Logistics Networks, recently handled a delicate shipment of plants from Thailand to multiple Middle East located countries including Dubai and Oman.

The shipment totaled 20,000 live plants that were needed for floor exhibitions in the region. The full shipment of 20,000 plants required for 40′ reefer containers.

As shipping containers aren’t typically plant friendly, the team at Atlas built a plant hanger to be placed inside the container 20 days prior to loading.

Atlas also had to ensure that the plants were properly ventilated and would not be damaged between Thailand and their arrival in the Middle East. Furthermore the transit time and temperature had to be precise to ensure the health of the plants.

Int he end the movement was a success and the plants that were carefully organized and maintained in the container were able to be displayed at their exhibitions far from Southeast Asia.

Access Freight & Transatlantic North America Inc. Cooperation

G7 Logistics Members Access Freight and Transatlantic North America completed multiple shipments together of batteries with a total weight of nearly 12,248 kilograms.

Access Freight won the bid for the shipment to transport batteries to the United States via both air and sea. In a wonderful demonstration of how G7N members work together, Access Freight partnered with Transatlantic North America Inc.

The first 6,124kg shipment was transported by air freight and the remaining half was then transported via sea freight to its final destination.

The ROI of Networking with G7N

What is the ROI of Networking with G7N?

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