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Connect your business instantly to over 182 registered G7N Logistics Networks offices through G7N Vendors

What is G7 vendors?

G7 Vendors are allowed special access to the full G7 Networks membership. As a recognized service provider you can showcase your company, your products and capabilities to an audience who understands exactly what you are offering.

G7 members can extract extra value from their membership through G7 Vendors when they choose to take advantage of the services provided by our carefully selected G7 Vendors partners.

G7 Networks has 181 Member Offices in 89 Countries in 148 Cities worldwide.

As a member, attend the G7 Annual Conference and other events throughout the year and around the globe.

G7 Cargo Cover is an all-risk insurance (Institute Cargo Clauses A including war and strike clauses) designed to cover any kind of cargo shipped. It covers standard commodities against accidents and mishandling as well as other unfortunate incident.

Softlink Global is a leading software provider for Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes superior technology solutions for strategic and operational aspects of logistics business.

ConsolFreight takes pride in offering freight forwarders only the most reliable consolidators for any given trade lane. That's why consolidators can only join the platform by invitation. Connect with us to find out more about how to become a part of this platform.

BoxTop Technologies is an innovative leader in the provision of freight management and supply chain software, providing technical solutions designed specifically for international freight forwarders and logistics provider

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