Message from Richard Regarding Virtual 1:1 Meetings

6:05am 1st September 2020





Dear All G7 Colleagues,

I hope this message greets you and your family and colleagues in good health as we keep sailing on the same global ship throughout these unprecedented times. I am aware many of you have had summer breaks and are also preparing your kids for returning to schools in many countries around the world and I hope that things have started to feel like they are improving even though many may still feel anguish and despair at times. One thing that I am very proud to see is the resilience of the G7 members and also the ability to maintain a sense of humor even though we may at times feel frustrated. I have always said that without laughter we have nothing and we must sometimes smile in the face of difficult times and march onwards and upwards and support one another as best we can... no matter what.

In light and in prevision that traveling and group assemblies will be facing continued travel restrictions on a global scale during some months, many of you will potentially be unable to travel to meet customers and fellow agents. Therefore we have decided to run the 4th G7 2020 Conference as a virtual conference before we all meet in 2021.

The G7 team prides itself on delivering exciting and an alternative style of the conference with a nice blend of fun social events in a relaxing and fun location. But, business comes first, and always will. The planned G7 Conference this year was set to see the G7 members coming together for what I can only describe as a special conference experience. The work, effort, and investment we all put into this was at another level and we were so excited about what we had designed for you all to experience. Sadly, we will now have to wait until next year to meet in person and for what I can only describe as the most amazing G7 reunion and "A Celebration of Life!"

The live online one2one meetings will continue to be in the core of the event and will have the same structure as the physical in-person versions. The agenda will be extended to cover every day the different time zones and give enough flexibility to all participants for scheduling their preferred meeting times and availability. Group sessions will be organized every day to complete the event program and share knowledge and experiences. We are working hard to prepare an experience that still provides great networking opportunities in a virtual format. Replacing the in-person event with dynamic virtual meetings and content will enable us to bring all members together in a safe and productive way and reunite those strong friendships and bonds created through the history of G7. Knowing the people you are dealing with by first name, is the only way to build the confidence necessary for members to commit their hard-earned business to another agent - and what could be more satisfying than 'working with friends'! As many of you who have ever attended a G7 Conference know only too well how many friends you have made over the years and I am focused on making sure this never stops!

As soon as the new virtual program is confirmed and all further steps are in place we will be sharing detailed and clear information with all members and participants.

I would like to reiterate again, your support through the years and especially during this challenging time in all our lives is greatly appreciated. We are all going through a difficult chapter in our business and personal lives right now, and I would like to thank you for your understanding and support during these trying times.

As always a very special thank you to all conference delegates and sponsors that have not canceled for 2021 and this is very much keeping us together as a business and a community. I really appreciate your help and support and trust in me whilst making difficult decisions during these past few months. However; I am hoping the launch of the 1st G7 Virtual conference will bring us back and prepare us even more so for our 5th G7 conference 2021.

I look forward to speaking with many of you again and feel free to contact me for a chat or to discuss anything.

Again and as always my team will maintain constant communications with you and will always be on hand to support you at the best levels possible.

Take care everyone and together with my team, I look forward to speaking and seeing you all again very soon.



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