A New G7 Logistics Network Experience

5:10am 28th September 2018

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G7 Logistics Network has launched a new website! The new G7 website features a sleek and modern look while providing users with a streamlined experience. We have taken member feedback and used that to design a website for the members. Essentially it is a website by and for the members of G7N.

We invite all members to login and browse around the website. We even encourage members to visit the pages of the site that aren't frequent stops for them when searching the directory and finding partners for shipments.

We've added member photos to all member profiles, faster access to contact information by moving its location on the page, easier to use functions and clearer menus, plus a nice and friendly greeting with your photo after logging in.

Do you like the new website? Are you happy with the changes we've made? Send an email to members@g7networks.com with your feedback.

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