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1:34am 14th July 2020
EUSU helps NHS saving lives in UK (Video)

We are again featuring this project handled by EUSU Thailand, one of our G7 Network members which displays and ingenious use of the passenger cabin space.Last time we ran the story we didn't have the ...

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2:06am 9th July 2020
SOBEL Branches out in Miami

June 24, 2020, New York City: G7 Networks member and International freight forwarder and logistics leader, Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. annou...

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3:36am 7th July 2020
Knot Global opens Branch in Narita, Japan

Our member in Japan, Knot Global Holdings just published their branch opening in Narita, Japan!Please see below their announcement:We are very happy t...

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1:00am 7th July 2020
Vessels in Motion

This well made video was sent to us by our G7 member Transcausse SAS, a major player in Marseilles.The video shows a unique coming together of 4 of th...

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6:48am 30th June 2020
Sobel Network Shipping opens new offices in Chicago and Miami & launched new web

Our member in USA - Sobel Network Shipping opened new offices in Chicago and Miami during the pandemic. They also launched new website and r...

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4:09am 30th June 2020
Best-Time from Shenzhen celebrates their 6th year and move to New office

We congratulate our member in China - Best-Time International Logistics Co., Ltd with their 6th birthday! They moved to new office and changed a new l...

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1:23am 26th June 2020
Future Logistics handles Protective Equipment from China to Colombo

Future Logistics, our member in Sri Lanka handled A330 Charter Aircraft on 21st June 2020 Carrying Personal Protective Equipment of 27 M Tons/190 CBM ...

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12:42am 23rd June 2020

Our valued G7 Networks member, Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. recently shipped an oversized and over-weight air freight shipment of sawmill pins at ...

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3:12am 18th June 2020
Helping to keep Chicagoans Safe

Great to see Transatlantic North America Inc., our G7 member, focusing on the fight against COVID 19 by importing a total of 500,000 three-ply facemas...

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6:52am 9th June 2020
2HM Logistics open in Bratislava

We are pleased to announce the opening of H2M Logistics new office in Bratislava.Marian Meszaros and Jana Cerna, are now based in Bratislava running o...

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