G7 Logistics Networks is a fresh and forward thinking logistics network of independent freight forwarders from around the globe. The G7N management has seen the need for a logistics network with a professional but energetic approach. The next generation of logistics professionals are driving their companies and G7N is the network for the future of smart and independent freight forwarders.

Our Team

Murray Backhouse

General Manager - Global Networks

Jennifer Llanes

Commercial & Accounting Manager

Shawn Stephen

Customer Service Executive

Daniela Gonzalez

Customer Service Executive

Patty Jommawun

Office Manager

Metodio Atazan Tado, JR (Jerry)

Accounting Assistant

Sanjay Danvani

Network Enhancement Executives

Carlos Nogueira

Network Enhancement Executives

Stuart Backhouse

Network Enhancement Executive

Network News

4:17am on 10th June 2019
If Forwarders Don't Adapt To Digitization, They'll Be Left Behind

A New Report Suggests If Forwarders Don’t Adapt to Digitization, They’ll Be Left BehindThe world...

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11:36pm on 9th June 2019
G7N Europe Trip!

G7N Family is a unique one and in the Network, we are able to interact easily with each other. This ...

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3:46am on 7th June 2019
Tips In Bettering Your Networking Events

Logistics Events: Why your company needs to go.When operating in an extremely competitive market suc...

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4:49am on 6th June 2019
Whale Logistics Australia Celebrates Regional Award Wins at NSW Business Chamber

Whale Logistics Australia brings home the Excellence in Business and Excellence in Innovation Awards...

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