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Become a part of a network for smart freight forwarders who want to successfully navigate future market environments.
Business Growth
Use the G7N platform to increase opportunity and revenue.
Financial Protection
Work with experienced and trustworthy partners.
City Limits
Limit of 3 members per city to avoid market dilution.
Annual Meeting
An opportunity to travel the globe and meet all members in one place.
Engaged Management
We communicate and we respond to your questions and concerns.
Active Support
Think of G7 Logistics Networks as a partner helping you succeed.
Our Story
What We Do

G7 Logistics Networks was created as an alternative to some of the legacy networks in the market. Logistics networking needs something that’s new, different and has its vision set on the future.

To make that vision a reality, a young team was formed from the core of X2 Group to establish this new network with a fresh vision of what is expected to come.

Why G7N
We help our members work smarter and use new tools by acting as a partner.
What we do
We supportĀ our members to grow businesh and surviveĀ market disruption.
What you get
Access to a top tier group focused on business and greater opportunities to develop business.
Our mission
Provide the best platform available to enhance member capabilities for greater growth.
Get ready for smart networking
Become part of a logistics network that is looking out for the future.