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G7 Logistics Networks provides a supportive semi-exclusive environment for freight forwarders to develop and grow their business through their G7N membership by promoting an enhanced global reach and effective communication.

We protect our members not only through G7N Financial Protection but also through the enforcement of membership limits on a per port basis.

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The G7N Team uses our talents and abilities to effectively work for you and support your company’s business goals.

- Seymour, President, Freight Sense

" G7N have carefully chosen network members and provided tools and an excellent platform to help small and medium freight forwarders… Watch this network grow! "

- Pierre, President, Active Freight Management

" … thanks to ‘one to one’ meetings with fellow network members, we have managed to create some opportunities. We now have a network that covers most major countries. "

- Stephen, Managing Director, Richwell Global Forwarding Pte Ltd

" A network of positive vibes & innovation. G7N is a catalyst for dynamic logistics businesses. Expect magic! "

- Andrew, Director, JAG-UFS (Intl) Ltd

" We joined this new young vibrant network so we could be a part of its long journey, we feel this new network will provide a great platform for all new members wanting to join. "

- Michael, Managing Director, Winipac

" I have to admit that was the best conference I have ever been to. The location, the people and organisation was just perfect! "

- Ryan, Managing Director, Whale logistics

" I thoroughly enjoyed the G7 Conference and although still in its infancy we can see a lot of opportunities and the value in remaining with such a young dynamic network. "

- Raymond, Assistant General Manager, Forward by Norman

" It’s really amazing time for the last few days in Phuket. Every member is active, this is exactly the network that I desire. "

- Diyashan, Operations, Owakhe

" Thus far, Owakhe has been seeing potential in the group and we look forward for another exciting year ahead. "

- Ian, Managing Director, Active Freight Management

" I was really impressed with the agents that we met, what a great bunch of people. We are really optimistic that we will gain new business and new partners to work with and give them new business. "

- Brock, President, Upload Cargo

" I would also like to thank all of the G7N staff for putting this incredible network together. Not only am I excited about the potential business for 2018/2019, I get to do it with lifelong friends. "

- Matthew, Owner, Global Freight

" Great event and we are now making sure we deliver the promises made to each other in the meetings. Really impressed with the members and look forward to developing the network together. "

- Serim, International Network Manager, ASE Express

" I have every confidence that this network will take off in the very near future and we are happy to be part of it and here to support it in every way. "

- Jessica, Overseas Managing Director, Fastic Group

" I am very touched by the atmosphere and I am pretty sure G7 will be a very successful network comparing to others. "
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Meet the people behind the scenes at G7 Logistics Networks. Learn more about us as individuals and maybe even ask us questions.

Murray Backhouse

General Manager Global Networks

Shane Hebzynski

Marketing Manager

George Lane

Sales Manager

Jennifer Llanes

Commercial & Accounting Manager

Patarasorn Jommawun

Event & Administration Manager

Shawn Stephen

Membership Services